kindergarden “Sinchec”, Troyan -Bulgaria

Troyan is a town situated in north Bulgaria with a population of 25000 citizen and spreads across the two banks of the river Beli Osam in the foot of the Balkan Mountain. It is located 170 km northeast from Sofia,our capital ,100km away from Veliko Tarnovo,one of the old Bulgarian capital and town with a lot of amazing a historic sites and 35km away from Lovech,our regional city. Troyan is known for it’s unique works of art and the works of the folk craftsmen. Pottery and Wood carving flowered during the 19th century, many pieces of that art can be seen today in the Museum of National Crafts and Art.


The kindergarten “Sinchec” is a child educational facility for children from 3 to 7 year-old. According to the educational law of Bulgaria, kindergartens are the first step in the ladder of education.
The Kindergarten “Sinchec” has a nearly 40-year-old history. It was found with the sole purpose to become a more unusual place, where children would feel safe and loved, and would come every day with pleasure, learning something new. Years are passing by one by one, teachers and staff are changing, but everybody worked and is still working with great enthusiasm and love. At the moment there are 120 kids and 25 people who take care of them every day, 12 of them are pedagogical specialists with high qualifications.


We visited Museum in the town like a part of our project. The “Museum of national crafts and applied arts” in town of Troyan is located at the central town square. It is housed in a building from 1881 – the first post-liberation public building( it was school) in the town. The museum was inaugurated on 10.03.1968 on the occasion of 100 anniversary of declaring of Troyan for a town.
The museum exhibits are displayed in 10 halls. There are shown samples and original objects and equipment related to the traditional crafts in Troyan region – pottery, woodcarving and woodworking, metalworking, pyrography, iconography, copper-working, goldsmith, making of traditional costumes, etc.

Our pupils were so excited and impressed after the visit.  We asked them draw our town as looked in the past.

Troyan, my hometown
Visit in our Museum
My House

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