Our national flag

  • Ecole maternelle Les Jardins, VEDENE

Italian flag

Napoli, Italy,48°Circolo Ddattico “Madre Claudia Russo”,CLASSROOM 4TH GRADE (9 yrs)

 Italian Flag

Kindergarten “Sinchec” , group “The Clover”, 6-7 years old 

Bulgarian Flag– presentation

My Flag

 Polish Flag

Hello, it’s our national flag- we are lucky it is not very complicated. We’ve made it with our hands footmarks.

b917e568 b8165fc8bc1b1938


Slovak national flag is not very easy to paint, so we try to make a mosaic and it is very nice. Our four years old winners.

a3febf7 a91d3167

We spoke about Flags of our partners and we did some surprise for them:-)

( Kindergarten “Sinchec”, Bulgaria) Presentation about flags , One game about European flags


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