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Children are holding hands and set in a circle. One of the children will be selected as Father Wirgilius and stands in the center of the circle. The circle spins in the rhythm of the words.
At the end of the stanza Father Wirgilius perform any movement, a gesture that other children are supposed to emulate. Then selects another child, who becomes the new Father Wirgilius and the fun begins again.


In Polish:

Ojciec Wirgiliusz
Uczył dzieci swoje,
A miał ich wszystkich
Sto dwadzieścia troje:
Hejże, dzieci, hejże ha!
Hejże ha, hejże ha!
Róbcie wszystko co i ja,
Co i ja.

In English:

Father Wirgilius,
Taught his children,
And he had them all
One hundred and twenty three:
Holla, Children, Holla ha!
Holla ha, Holla ha!
Do everything like me,
Like me.

Bulgarian traditional game


Begin by having all players, except 2, get in a circle and hold hands. The 2 players not in the circle will be the “cat” and

the “mouse”. The mouse will stand inside the circle while the cat will be outside the circle.

The pupils sing this:

Cat and mouse

Cat and mouse

Run and catch me

And find your house!”

The mouse has to get outside the circle and avoid being caught by the cat.

The mouse can get back inside the circle. The cat can come into the circle too.

Mouse Rules

The mouse cannot stand still, even if that means running or jumping in place while inside the circle.

And the mouse cannot remain in the circle more than 10 seconds.


The players holding hands attempt to keep the cat away from the mouse.

They can also stand in the cat’s way so he can’t reach in the circle and grab the mouse.

Once the mouse is caught, the mouse is the new cat.

The old cat takes her place in the circle and another player becomes the mouse.

Set a time limit of one or two minutes so each kid gets to play.

It’s possible the mouse can avoid capture by the cat, and if no time limit is set, all the kids won’t get to play.

Enjoy playing!

Traditional game SLOVAKIA

Traditional Game from Scotland

My Big, Fat Pony

Everyone stands in a circle.

A player is chosen to be the ‘rider’.

The ‘rider’ skips around the inside of the circle while all the children sing:

(Rider’s name) is riding on their pony,

Riding on their big, fat pony,

(Rider’s name) is riding on their pony,

This is what they told me … 

The rider chooses someone from the circle and stands in front of them.

The ‘rider’ and the child they have chosen do a dance while all the other children sing:

Front to front to front, go crazy                (Both children dance facing each other)

Back to back to back, go crazy                 (Both children dance back to back)

Side to side to side, go crazy                     (Both children dance side by side)

This is what they told me.                         (Both children change places)

The child who has changed places with the ‘Rider’ becomes the new ‘Rider’ and the game is repeated.

Traditional Games Italy

Traditional games France

The rules of “1, 2, 3 sun”
1) A player (child one ) stands facing a wall .
2) The other players stand in a straight line about 20 steps away from him.
3)Child one hits the wall three times , counting loudly ” one, two, three “;   when he says « SUN » he turns around
4)While Child one is counting, the other players try to approach the wall and touch it as quickly as they can.
But when child one turns round, everybody must stand still (like statue) .
If child one sees one of the players advancing or moving, or simply losing balance, that player returns to the starting line .
5) The goal for the players is to succeed in touching the wall without child one seeing them.
6) The game continues until a player touches the wall and he or she becomes the new ‘child one’