For Learners Around the Globe/FLAG

FLAG- Erasmus + project – our new adventure!

Through the project, we intend to create a cooperation between schools from different countries , located in different parts of Europe, with different cultural and educational traditions. Through this cooperation, we can improve the knowledge of our students and teachers about the diversity of European cultures and languages, and its importance. The project will allow for teachers and students to work together, to share their common interests and, generally, to improve mutual understanding. This will make the students more active in the process of their own education. All the tasks given during this project would be constructed according to the students’ own interests and abilities. We would like to stimulate their creativity during their education by having guest teachers (lecturers) during certain lessons, such as local artists, parents, and people from the local community, as well as by using new and innovative ICT-based products.

Through this project we intend:
– To familiarize students with the traditions of the different European cultures and one’s own via folklore;
– To improve mutual understanding between children from different ethnicities, develop their communication, musical and artistic skills;
– To improve the children’s interest in books and to promote literacy;
– To create a sense of belonging to a European culture in the children and to prepare them to live consciously and responsibly in a United Europe;
– To improve knowledge of the importance of a United Europe and European Union education, based on national identity of all the participants;
– To attract young teachers; to improve the level of their core competencies and skills and to stimulate their creativity;
– To promote creativity, competitiveness, language learning and linguistic diversity;
– To support the development of innovative ICT-based content;
– To exchange good practice, encourage the best use of results, and to create innovative, meaningful products;
– To contribute to the increased participation in Erasmus+ by people with special needs and disadvantaged groups regardless of their socio- economic background;
– To promote equality between men and women and contribute to the fight against all forms of discrimination based on gender, disability, etc.

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